Born in Strasbourg ( France ) on January 6 , 1832 ,
Gustave Doré , at a very young age , devoted his life to illustrating books ,
such as " The Fables of Jean de la Fontaine " , Dante's Divine Comedy ",
the stories of Don Quichotte , and those of the Baron of Munchausen .
His drawings soon became very popular , although at the time ,
he got little recognition from the artistic circles in France .
He spent most of his life in London ,
where he opened a gallery that soon to became famous .
He died on January 23 , 1883 , at the age of 51 years .

Gustave Doré is also known for his depictions
of biblical scenes from the Old and New Testaments .
These are not always easy to find as they are scattered in various books .
We give credit to Profe. Félix Just , S.J. ,
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Theology and Religious Studies,
University of San Francisco
for making these drawings available on the internet ,
thus contributing to the artistic and biblical training
of students and teachers everywhere .

I thank Professor Just for allowing me to use
his sources and documents on my personal pages ,
pertaining to the "Passion of Jésus" during the season of Lent.
Click the globe below to be led to Prof.Just's website .

Now don't forget to take a look at the following pages ,
which present several scenes of the passion , as illustrated by Gustave Doré ,
in a beautiful and simple manner with the proper music
to facilitate contemplation and spiritual meditation.

Notice how the light radiates from the person of Jésus ,
in contrast to the surrounding darkness ,
wich evokes feelings of betrayal , mockery , suffering , and death .

These pages complement each other harmoniously .
The citations of the Gospels , in French and English ,
are those written at the bottom of the originals
presented by Professor Just .


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